The world's most lovely Purikura shop! Moreru Mignon!

Manga Designers Lab.

Jan 19 ,2018

A dreamy shop with full of cute!
Let me introduce to you the Moreru Mignon, where the girls can hold their most lovely gesture!

"Wow〜〜!!" "So cute〜!" "Take photos! Take a photo! "  "More adorable than usual !!" Kacha(sound effects)  Kacha(sound effects) "It's good to take photos, and in the end, the final choice must be a Purikura!" "Prior to that!" Tidy your makeup and hair...

※ If you want to borrow a curler, just ask the clerk!

Take Purikura to show your loveliest face!

When shows the Purikura to clerk...

You can also take photos in a lovely bathtub!

So please come to Moreru Mignon to be the world's cutest girl!