No reason not being moved! Let's go to "Hokkaido·Sapporo Snow Festival"!

Every year, about two million people from home and abroad come to visit this Japanese winter festival,

The first Sapporo Snow Festival was held about 70 years ago when shortly after the war ended, at that time, the food and other daily supplies in Sapporo, Hokkaido, were quite short. Then the Sapporo Tourism Association stood out to make people's dark mood brighter as soon as possible. The most memorable moment of the first Sapporo Snow Festival is that six snow sculptures made by middle school students were showed to the public.

・How large are the snow sculptures and ice sculptures?

The height of small snow sculpture is about 2 meters, the amount of snow used should be loaded by two 5-ton (bearing) trucks, but it is not the biggest at all, the larger snow sculpture is 15 meters high, the snow it needs shall be loaded by five hundred 5-ton (bearing) trucks! It is hard to imagine...!

・There are 3 types of venues!

Sapporo Snow Festival is held in three venues, the "Odori Venue", "Susukino Venue" and "Tsudome Venue".

・Odori Venue

Many snow sculptures are crowded in Odori Venue, no matter which one has its own theme, and some of them are sponsored by large enterprises! Here, you will surely feel their fabulous vigor !

・Susukino Venue

Want to see the ice sculpture! If you think so, just come here! In the evening, you can enjoy the colorful ice sculptures in the light.
There were excellent ice sculptures in each year. Then what kind of works will be showed this year?

・Tsudome Venue

Here is the changed experience Tsudome Venue. The ice slide and snow maze are very popular in children, of course adults also can find pleasure in it. There is a indoor food area, where you can enjoy the local cuisine of Hokkaido.

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How do you like? Come on, you may enjoy such exciting moment at present, at some other time, you have no oppotunity to appreciate the art of ice and snow.