A vending machine can post beautiful picture on ins


Vending machine can be seen everywhere in daily life, if we take a new look at it, it may be funny and cute?!

Now let me introduce to you the vending machines in Japan that can be served as most suitable scenes to take photos.

■Funny vending machines
The vending machines with improved appearance are getting more and more.
Maybe the idea of "vending machine=square box" isout of date.

If installs the vending machines in the shape of tram on the platform, you will feel the atmosphere of travel!

Vending machine in the shape of canned coffee!
Only the appearance is attractive enough!

It is no longer the drink! Banana-sold vending machine!

■Vending machines for taking pictures
It is very popular to take photos with vending machines in South Korea!

The vending machines are in a variety of colors, such as blue and red, and more and more girls like to take photos with vending machines!

Taking photos in front of vending machines which are less common and has plain tone has a distinctly vintage feel.

An unnoticeable vending machine matching with fashion clothing is so cute!

The upsurge has not stopped, the "Vending Machine of Coffee House" seems have already emerged in Japan.
I'd like to draw materials next time!

The beautiful pictures on ins are not wrong!
If you come to Japan again, be sure to try once more!