Generally we use beans to beat demons.
Then, do you know some knowledge about Momotaro?

Whether at home or abroad, I think Momotaro is a well-known Japanese legend. But maybe some people do not know his story, so this time I will tell you the stories about him.

This is the general story about Momotaro.

Then you must want to know why they are the dog, monkey and pheasant? But not other stronger animals?

In this Manga de Little Lecture, let's run through time and space, inviting Momotaro and his companions as our honored guests to listen to their real voice directly!

To put it simply, that means each direction has its representative animal.

Because people think that the opposite things are restricted, then I chose these companions!
By the way, the reason for choosing a pheasant but not a rooster is because the pheasant is the symbol of Japan!

OK, today's Little Lecture stop here!
Thank you for reading!