How much do you know about Japanese cuisine made from soybeans?

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Do you like soybeans? For Japanese people, soybean is a very important source of protein. In Japanese cuisine, people often use processed soybeans, which are not only delicious but also beneficial to the body.
Well, let me introduce the processed foods made with Japanese soybeans.

Nimame Shiba is a kind of Nimono cuisine, which needs to soak the dried soybeans with water, and then simmer them in sweet seasoning.

Fried beans are actually the roasted soybeans. In Setsubun, the day before the beginning of spring in Japan, people will take a traditional activity to throw the fortune beans to drive away the evil.

Kinako, also known as roasted soybean flour, is commonly used in wagashi.

Natto is a popular Japanese fermented food fermented by soybeans.
As it is fermented with Bacillus subtilis var natto, so it has the unique smell, but natto has a variety of health effects such as regulating stomach and skin, improving immunity and so on.

Among the processed foods made with soybeans, two types of them are commonly used in Japanese cuisine, one is miso which is fermented by steamed soybeans and rice with Aspergillus, and the other is soy sauce which is fermented by defatted soybeans with Aspergillus.

Soybean milk is a kind of drink which filters the juice of boild soyabean protein, it will be very delicious if add juice, sugar or honey, etc.

Bean curd skin is a kind of chip which is formed on the surface of soybean milk, it is rich in protein, fat and can be stored after it is dried.
Soybean curb residue is also called unohana and kirazu, which is the scum in the soy milk when making tofu or frozen tofu.

There are many other tofu products made from soybeans.
For example, the momenndoufu, and kinogoshi which is frozen the soy milk with salt brine.
If cut the momenndoufu into thin pieces and fried, that will be thin deep-fried bean curd, and then, if cut the momenndoufu into thick pieces and fried in high temperature, that will be thick deep-fried bean curd.

There are many other processed foods made from soybeans.
Please be sure to taste the Japanese cuisine made from soybeans〜