It's very popular on SNS! Drawing materials from automatic vending coffee shop!


Mar 20 ,2018

At Ame-mura in Osaka, there is a yellow door that looks like a vending machine!
At first glance, is it just a vending machine?
Actually, it is!
Coffee Stand! And I really went there myself!

W/O STAND, a coffee bar, is located at Ame-mura, Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Taking subway to Yotsubashi Station, checking out at Exit 5, after about 3 minutes' walk, people will find a yellow vending machine.

It is really remarkable for such existing way!
When I got there, there happen many guests coming out of the yellow door!
It's just like the human are living in such vending machine, so interesting it is!

The store is a bit small, but it is really comfortable and full of currents.
I visited it at tea time before 3 o'clock on weekdays, so there are many young women and couples in the store!

When talking with the clerks, they told me that there are many guests coming from abroad!
Some chairs for about 10 people are respectively installed at both ends of the store.

And some small commodities are selling here!
Just touching these small things, I feel that I am becoming fashionable!

In addition, the drink here is very rich!
This time, I ordered the "Ichigo de Chocolat" recommended by the clerk.

It looks very nice!
The tart flavour of whipping cream with strawberries is perfect that people can never get enough and never feel too sweet!

According to different seasons, the store will also recommend appropriate drinks, please be sure to have a try!

You can also post the pictures photographed in front of the yellow door on ins!

If you come to Osaka, please come to this store!