Won't such ice cream melt?! Kanazawa Ice!

The ice cream that melts while eating has already out of date?!
It is the current ice cream that will not melt and can also be used as decorations!
I've been to such modern ice cream shop once!

There are even ice creams that will not melt! Let's go to have a look! The shop is in Japanese style, so cute ~! In addition to the cold and sweet ice creams, there are other various  kind of drinks!Also can pour topping?! Which one to choose?I want this chocolate ice cream! For topping, I'd like to use strawberry jam and chocolate sprinkles!   Follow your own preferences, pour toppings on the ice creams...    Finished! Which color of chocolate pen should I use... Give her/him chocolate pen as confession of love...   I like you Ah---! I've been too embarrassed---!   Delectable...

What do you think?
You may also wish to use an original topping to make a modern ice cream just for yourself!