bonsai japan culture gardening

What is popular around the world now? That is seductive bonsai!


Mar 30 ,2018

Do you know about "bonsai"?
Just like Japanese garden, right? If you think so, it may be not correct.
You may know about it, but I think you do not understand what it does mean on earth. So this time I'd like to deeply introduce to you the relative knowledge about bonsai.

bonsai japan culture gardening

Bonsai is to show the landscape of nature in the container such as a flowerpot.
In large part, bonsai is a kind of "art" and "gardening".
It can be said that personally creating an enriched natural environment is the greatest pleasure in bonsai.

bonsai japan culture gardening

The large potted plants are growing in the small flowerpots, and they are firmly rooted in them.
Some bonsai will change their posture with the seasons, and some bonsai will not fall leaves throughout the year.

bonsai japan culture gardening

Because the bonsai will grow, you need to watering and fertilize them occasionally, sometimes you need to eliminate the insects...
Just like taking care of your own children, you need to arrange these bonsai by yourselves, so the growers would have a joyful feeling from their hearts.

bonsai japan culture gardening

For bonsai, besides the representative conifers such as pine, shimpaku, juniper, cedar, there are also fruit trees, flowering wood and foliage plants which is generally called miscellaneous tree.

bonsai japan culture gardening bonsai japan culture gardening

Mini bonsai only take up a little space, it is easier to take care of them than usual bonsai, so you can easily experience the joy of bonsai.

bonsai japan culture gardening

Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows from the root inside the ball.
Because it needn't flowerpots, the kokedama can also be suspended in midair for appreciation.

bonsai japan culture gardening

Bonsai was once considered as an interest of some older people, but in recent years, bonsai has received more and more overseas attention. Whether in Japan or other countries in the world, bonsai has been playing an important part in various of appreciation ways.

You may also come to experience the joy of bonsai and enjoy more fulfilling life.


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