[Observe the Proprieties for Hanami]

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Spring has already arrived. Then what shall we do in Japan during this season? Yes, that must be hanami. The traditional custom of hanami which is always referring to enjoying the sakura started from the Heian Period, it was said that the nobles at that time had a hobby of reciting poetry while enjoying sakura. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy sakura, but we shall not forget to observe the proprieties for hanami. This time, I will introduce to you such proprieties!

[Select Position]
Everyone wants to take a closer look at the beautiful sakura! This is of course understandable. But the cherry tree is a kind of very delicate tree, if you spread table linen on its root, or lean against the trunk, or hang something on the branch, such behaviors are all very unreasonable.So if you want to spread the table linen, please do not put it on the roots of cherry trees, and shall enjoy the scenery in the distance.

[Don’t Touch the Cherry Trees]
Cherry tree is a kind of very delicate tree. Although drinking is indispensable while enjoying the sakura, yet the behaviors such as shaking the cherry trees driven by the alcohol or breaking the branches shall be absolutely prohibited. Just like humans, animals and plants are also alive.

[Take Away the Garbage]
Not only for hanami, the garbage is a big problem for these similar activities. Most sites for hanami have garbage dumps, but in many cases, we will find that the garbage is piled up like a mountain, and lots of garbage are scattered under the cherry tree... no one want to see that.Whether it is for people or cherry trees, the garbage is absolutely the contaminant.

Even if you feel trouble, please be sure to take away your own garbage, because I believe you also want to have a good mood while enjoying sakura.

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