It is rarely known! Hanamatsuri.


Apr 07 ,2018

Do you know Hanamatsuri?
Although we always participate in such similar activities,yet the Hanamatsuri is still relatively unknown to us.

So this time I will introduce the Hanamatsuri to you.

Hanamatsuri is a holiday traditionally celebrated the birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
It is a Christmas-like event that celebrates the birth of Jesus in the West, which shall be held on every April 8.

Amacha is made of "hydrangea" which is the variant of tinus, a kind of Hydrangeas.
The hydrangea tastes bitter, but if make efforts to ferment, it will become the amacha which is more sweet than sugar.

sweet dew=good rain
So people thereby began to pour amacha on Buddha statues.

And, It is said that if clean the baby's head with hydrangea, the baby will grow up healthily and robustly.

It would be excellent if the Hanamatsuri can be deeply rooted in Japan like Christmas!

In Japan, there are also some temples that will hold related events on April 8, the day of Hanamatsuri, please be sure to have a visit!