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Japanese Tango no Sekku

"TAKAO ""Hi, KIYOMI! It's time to Tango no Sekku on May 5th""
KIYOMI""Ah? What is Tango no Sekku?""
TAKAO ""Goddess, don't you know the Tango no Sekku? It's hopeless at all. I'll teach you."""

"TAKAO ""Tango no Sekku is one of the Gosekku, a traditional festival to celebrate the seasonal transition and a custom that has spread from the Nara period in Japan to the present.""
KIYOMI ""Oh- that's it-"""

"TAKAO ""The Tango no Sekku is originated from China and has a very deep history. If you want me to tell you all about this festival, I can talk about it from morning to evening. So, this time I just briefly introduce to you the celebration of the Tango no Sekku in Japan.""
KIYOMI ""Great - thank you-"""


In honor of the boys for a good future and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong, people will fix the drawing carp patterns made by cloth on the flagstaff or hang them mainly in the yard outside the house.
The koinobori blows in the wind, just as the carp swims freely in the sky.
The koinobori in different families are also different and vary in size."

"・Kintaro Doll

In order to pray that the boys will grow up peacefully, on this day, people has the custom of arranging kintaro with warriors and helmets at home, and some families will only arrange warriors and helmets."


When the kashiwa trees sprout new leaves, the old leaves will not fall down, which has the auspicious meaning of old still alive and population flourishing. Therefore,the people will eat kashiwamochi wrapped in the kashiwa leaves on Tango no Sekku.


The custom of eating Zongzi on Tango no Sekku is based on anecdotes from Chinese celebrities. On this day, people will wrap motigome with reed leaves and steam them to eat."

"TAKAO ""How about,KIYOMI? Is it helpful to you that I'm talking about you? ""
KIYOMI ""So great,TAKAO, you know everything I want to know! """