Goshuin which can be collected in Kita-Kamakura

Have you collected goshuin?
Have you been to Kita-Kakura?
Today, I'd like to introduce to you the goshuin in the Kamakura Gozan Temples.

Come out from Kita-Kamakura Station, the nearest temple is Engakuji, which is ranked second among the Kamakura Gozan Temples, and also the main temple of Rinzai-shu Engakuji School.
If you don’t have any goshuin, please purchase it at the place near the ticket office of this temple.

When entering the sanmon of Engakuji, there will be a long flight of steps on the right side.
Walk up the steps,an Ogane, which has been designated as a national treasure and the largest in Kanto, will jump into our eyes.
As well as the Bentendo, this Ogane was made by order of Hojo Sadatoki, both of them have been treated as the chinnju of this temple.
On a sunny day, you can see Fujisan from here.

Going deep into the Engakuji, there is a small nunnery called "Butsunichian".
Butsunichian is the main Tatchu that worships Hojo Tokimune, the originator of Engakuji.
He founded the Butsunichian for meditation.

After coming out of the Engakuji, then we will find the Meigetsuin, which also known as ajisai-dera (The Temple of Hydrangeas )
The flowering period of Meigetsuin lasts from late May to early July.
The best flower viewing period is from the beginning to end of June.
At that time, the temple will be full of greenery, the royal purple world, just like a beautiful picture.

The opposite of Engakuji and Meigetsuin is Tokeiji, founded by nun Kakusan-ni, wife of Hojo Tokimune, and the Jochiji, which is ranked fourth among the Kamakura Gozan Temples.
And the Hotei, the best accessible god among the Shichifukujin, is worshiped on the back of Jochiji.

The last one is the Kenchoji, which ranks first among the Kamakura Gozan Temples and is the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan.
The area of this temple is very large, "Hansobo Shrine", the chinnju of this temple is located in the deepest part of the temple.
There are many Karasu-tengu on the stairs, the scenery on the mountain plains is very excellent, and the Shojoken Jizodo is on the way.

How do you feel? Soon it will be the season of hydrangea, please come to
Kita-Kamakura to enjoy flowers while visiting the Kamakura Gozan Temples.