Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world. Then the Cambodia costumes will be introduced in the ninth programme. When mention Cambodia, people will think of the Angkor Wat, a very famous World Cultural Heritage.

Angkor Wat was built as an important prayer hall and reibyou, which is also one of the ancient ruins of the Khmer Kingdom. People say that the Angkor Wat is a place where everyone shall go to in his life. Just like Japanese, Cambodian also believed in Buddhism, it is said that people in this country are also very earnest, shy and introverted. So this time Yuko and Ron tried on their national costume named "Sampot".

The national costume of Khmers who established the Angkor Dynasty is called "Sampot". Cambodian women wear it mainly as a skirt; while men attach the fabric with silver ornaments and wear it as trousers, these are the two traditional style of Sampot.

As for the tops, the locals like to match with blouses or shirts, and the textile used as a wrap skirt is called "sampot hol", this delicate weft ikat is very beautiful, and it is said that there are more than 200 kinds of motifs to be used as weaving and dyeing patterns. Sampot is a kind of clothing that Cambodians often wear during weddings and other occasions.

Another Cambodia's essential daily national costume is "Krorma", which can be wrapped around the neck as a scarf, wrapped around the head as a headscarf, or tied around the waist as a belt, so it is a multi-purpose and convenient cloth for local people, and it is said that everyone here has a krorma.

Yuko and Ron, what about wearing Cambodian national costumes?

The krorma is made of cotton yarn or silk, and the patterns are very rich, it is very appropriate to send it to others as a gift. In a word, we felt very good to wear the clothes purchased here and joined the ranks of Khmers.

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