Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world. Then the Laotian costumes will be introduced in the tenth programme.
Laos has been ranked first in the New York Times of the United States as "The Country Where People Most Sincerely Wish To Go".

It has a large number of ancient heritages and the magnificent Mekong River, the picturesque nature runs slowly in the slow time, which may cause people to forget the noise in modern busy society.
This time Yuko and Ron also tried on the national costume of Laos, which the men wear are called "Sarong", and the women wear are called "Sinh".

The "Sarong" and the "Sinh" are all made of tube-shaped cloth. Laotian people usually like to wear cotton straight skirt, while on weddings and other occasions they will choose to wear silk garment. Women wear "Sinh", matched with blouse on the top, and men wear "Sarong", matched with jacket on the top. Together with a kind of off-the-shoulder sash which is called "Pha Biang", this is the Laotian basic dressing style.

There are studs on one side of the Sinh, the remaining cloth can be fixed for dressing, and the rolled-up part should be bound inside. Although on the whole, it is a tube-shaped skirt, yet it is still very convenient for body moving. It is said that there are many women ride on a motorcycle while dressing Sinh. In addition, the uniforms of students, police officers, and Laotian flight attendants are also such Sinh.

The "Pha" in the "Pha Biang" means narrow fabric, and the "Biang" means shoulder, actually it is originally made as a cloth that shall be put on the shoulders of women. In Laos, weaving is one of the women hobbies, it is said that most Laotian women can weave cloth, and the weaving methods are different according to the different regions and tribes, the patterns usually have various moral such as peaceful and healthy life or business prosperity.

Yuko and Ron, what are your feelings when dressing Laotian national costumes?

In the middle of April, Laotian people will celebrate the Laos New Year which is known as "Water-sprinkling Festival"(in Lao, it is called ປີໃຫມ່ລາວ). The most grand and enthusiastic events are the activities held in the center of Luang Phabang, Lao’s ancient capital. In the streets, no matter who it is, people will pour water on him with buckets or water guns.

In the deepest summer before the Lao rainy season begins, such "Water-sprinkling Festival" is also an important New Year's event that allows people to realize how important the water is in life.

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