Oarai Isosaki-Jinja is guarded on the mound in the east of Ibaraki Prefecture, facing the Pacific. While the Torii on the reef, which is built on the opposite of the Oarai Isosaki-Jinja, is a sacred place where photographers must come to find a view, and it is the best place to watch the sunrise. This time, I will introduce to you the Torii of Oarai Isosaki-Jinja.

(Meaning: The rough waves washes the reef, while the bright sunlight repeatedly illuminates the running wild waves)

Before reaching the shrine, you need to cross this larger first torii. Long, long ago, the wooden Shinmei-style Torii was built here, and was later rebuilt by Saito Haruo, a doctor in Chiba, due to serious wood decay.

It is the second torii that faces the Isosaki-Jinja, walks up the steps here, coming towards the temple, and the Okuninushi no Mikoto is worshiped in the Oarai Isosaki-Jinja with more than 1,000 years of history, the atmosphere in the shrine is very warm and comfortable.

On January 1 of each year, the clergy below Guji in the Oarai Isosaki-Jinja will go to the Kamiiso to worship the sunrise from the Pacific on the New Year's Day.