Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world. Then the costumes of Burma will be introduced in the eleventh programme.

Burma is a great Buddhist country, there are at least 2,000 temples and pagodas with varying sizes and different types on its vast plain, in which the Shwedagon Pagoda, located in the largest city of Yangon, is the most ideal place where the local people want to visit. The "Shwe" in "Shwedagon" means "gold" in Burmese, and the appearance of Shwedagon Pagoda is just like its name, which is covered with gold, dazzling and full of mystery.

Therefore, the devout worshipper come to this temple in an endless stream.
This time Yuko and Ron also tried on the national costume of Burma, its name is "Longyi".

Longyi is the general name for the barrel skirt that droops to the ankle, for man, it is called "Paso", for woman, it is called "Hta-mein".

The dressing methods for man and woman are different, a ball-flower shall be tied at the waist of man Longyi, and the skirt ends of woman Longyi shall be twisted into a band shape to be tied each other. Furthermore, the "Eingyi" is worn in the upper body of Burmese, no matter who is man, or woman.

We have told you that some national costumes of many countries are customized by local people, Burma is no exception, their national costumes are basically customized. After choosing their favorite fabrics and styles, they will ask tailors to make dresses for them. Generally the Longyi and Eingyi shall be chosen in pair.

In order to make more tasteful clothing, there are also a few Burmese fashion women who are sensitive to the pattern and design of clothes. It is said that the Longyi also has its own fashion trends.

Yuko and Ron, what do you think of wearing Burmese national costume?

In Burma, students and teachers in public schools wear green Longyi, while nurses wear red Longyi uniforms. And some universities require that the girls must wear Longyi (set). It can be seen that Longyi is a common clothing that is deeply rooted in Burmese.

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