Once upon a time, in a temple, there was a blind minstrel named "Hoichi", he was particularly good at performing the Tale of the Heike with biwa.

"Hoichi"  "Come to my home to play biwa"  "But be sure to remember not to tell the events to others "

One night, Hoichi was approached by a gruff samurai who told him as above. So, as the samurai said, Hoichi went to his home to play biwa. Because the gruff samurai requested him to play on seven consecutive nights, then every night, Hoichi had to go out .

A priest grew suspicious and instructed a samanera to look after
Hoichi the next night, then he gave chase and eventually found that...

In front of the Amidaji cemetery, Hoichi was bewitched by numerous Amidaji ghosts, these ghosts wanted to bring Hoichi into the hell, so the samanera dragged him back to the temple.

"No matter what happens tonight, you should remain silent and motionless "

The priest painted Hoichi's body with the kanji characters of the Heart
Sutra so that the ghosts were unable to find him.

"Hoichi"  "Hoichi, where are you"

The ghostly samurai approached Hoichi but was unable to see anything but
his ears.

Hoichi kept silence, but just stand there motionless.

"In this case...I have to take these two ears away."

When the priest returned, he realized in dismay that he had neglected to write the sutra on Hoichi's ears.

Since then, Hoichi had been called "Mimi-nashi Hoichi".