Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world. This Column has been promoted for about one year before we knew it.

This time, Yuko will introduce to you the final article of ASEAN Series, the twelfth article, that is HanFu, the China's national costume. Yuko and Ron respectively tried on their HanFu for women and men!

Hanfu is a kind of clothing that is often seen in movies and other scenes. If you imagine the clothes worn by the Chinese historical figures,you will understand what kind of clothing the Hanfu probably is.

Hanfu is the national costume of the Han nationality of China, from which we can feel the elegant culture and history of Chinese dynasties.
Most male Hanfu use clear and distinct colors such as black and red, giving you commanding impression.

While the female Hanfu uses light and elegant colors with long waving lower hem, which is very beautiful. Compared with the function, when making female Hanfu, the ancient Chinese firstly considered how to make women look more beautiful and moving.

Compared with the national costumes introduced before, Hanfu is probably the most traditional costume that can highlight the beauty of women.

Hanfu has much longer history than the current popular cheongsam. Now, as a kind of cosplay costume, it also has a very high popularity. But in contrast, with the end of ancient history, modern Chinese people almost never wear Hanfu in their daily lives.

In addition, some people may think that the male and female Hanfu are similar in appearance to the Japanese kimono. It is said that this is because the kimono was originated from Hanfu.

Yuko and Ron, how do you like when wearing Chinese national costumes?

Through twelve introductions of the national costumes of the ASEAN countries, what do you think?
If talking about the commons of these national costumes, I think that all the clothes for women are made for the elegance and beauty of them, while the male clothes are relatively simple so as to highlight the gorgeousness of clothing for women. If you have chance to try on these different national costumes, be sure to jump at the chance.

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