Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costume world wild. Unconsciously, this column has been written for a year. What do you think of the ASEAN series traditional clothing written by Yuko? At the end of this series, let's review the costumes of each country!

#1 Philippines

The first on stage is the Philippine national costumes worn by Yuko and Ron. Yuko's feeling to wear such clothes is that this unique bulky sleeve is "just like the dumplings"! Philippines Tarsier and Plumeria deduct the unique customs of Philippines.

#2 Malaysia

The next is "Baju Kurong",the traditional Malaysian costume that seems to be wrapped in a large piece of cloth. Yuko feels like had been wrapped in "Crepes", and narrowing her eyes slightly, obviously she was entranced! Saityou(toucan) and haibisukasu(hibiscus) deduct the unique customs of Malaysia.

#3 Singapore

Singapore is very famous for its multiethnic society, so we can see a wide variety of national costumes in Singapore. Among them, the Chinese national costumes are the most popular, especially the Cheongsam. Talking about this tight-fitting clothing, Yuko thought the Vietnamese Spring Rolls. White Tiger and Vanda Miss Joaquim, its national flower, deduct the unique customs of Singapore.

#4 Thailand

The national costume of Thailand is called "SABAI", whose character is to slant the clothes on the shoulders, or wrapped in a dress,just like the lungyi. Seeing this kind of clothing, Yuko unconsciously remembered the Japanese yuba, which is a famous Japanese cuisine. Elephants and lotuses deduct the unique customs of Thailand.

#5 Japan

In Japan Article, Yuko introduced the well-known "kimono".Although the kimono is somewhat delicate and unbearable, yet its soft texture makes Yuko think of "unbaked yatsuhashi".As a special kimono, Yuko also introduced the Shiromuku which shall be worn on weddings. Tsuru and suisen deduct the unique customs f Japan.

#6 Vietnam

Speaking of Vietnam, I think everyone knows the famous Ao Dai. When dressing Ao Dai, Yuko gave a soft smile like noodles...Suigyu(buffalo) and adenium obesum deduct the unique customs of Vietnam.

Yuko will continue to review the next part of ASEAN.
Join me in my next article!

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