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[What is that!!] Shows the charm to the utmost extent! Japanese nude look skills[Part I]

What is the mainstream makeup in your country? There are different makeup in different countries. This time I want to talk about the mainstream "nude look" in Japan, if you think this is the run-of-the-mill makeup, you're all wet. Next I'd like to introduce to you some Japanese nude look skills which can maximize your beauty through a variety of techniques.

For makeup, it is very important to beautify the "skin" that accounts for most of face. As long as the facial skin is fresh and beautiful, it will give a healthy and beautiful impression.

There are so many skin problems that you want to hide...

Hide complexional troubles with Control Color!

Carefully cut the eyes hide glue, double eyelid strip or adhesive bandage on the market and stick it on the needed parts.

As shown in the figure, apply eye shadow in succession, and rub with your fingers. The eye part should be well worn with dark eyeshadow.

The eye shadow of the lower eyelid shall be horizontal gradient!

The brown sets of the eye shadow, which are harmonized with the skin, will be more elegant♪

Generally, the eyeliner shall be like this

The painting method of the supernatural invisible inner eyeliner shall be like this!

Paint the mucosa at the inside of the eyelid with an eye liner, be careful not to touch your eyes when painting!

After properly brushing the mascara, the next step is to start drawing the eyemazing.
Eyemazing is the raised part that appears below the eyelashes when laughing. The eyes will look more three-dimensional if drawing good eyemazing, and its soft and bulging shape can show up the gentle and smart impression of women.

Firstly, drawing the lower part of the eyemazing with eyebrow pencil, and then rub it with cotton swab so as to blend it with skin.

Next paint the eye shadow with metallic color of beige at the outer part of eyemazing. Then such soft and full eyemazing makeup is yours!

How do you feel? This time I've introduced base makeup 〜 eye makeup! Next time I will introduce to you the total part of makeup 〜 eyebrows, cheeks, and mouths. Coming soon〜♪

Japanese women will change their makeup with the four seasons and enjoy it very much.You should come to make a beautiful autumn makeup that lets the mind dance♪