Notice when going to Japan! Crowded days but not in holiday!

Coming-of-Age Day

National Holidays in Japan


Come on, Happy New Year!

Even the game in New Year's Holiday

Actually they are the memorial days for prefecture of Japan
In such days, school will be closed, and the residents in these prefectures will get the free admission for sightseeing and amusement
Different prefectures have different memorial days, and some prefectures have no such anniversaries.

Around August 13th to 16th
During this period, most Japanese companies will be on holiday, and the Japanese people will return home to take vacation.
The time for holidays are different in different regions, but they are mostly around the 15th.

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What is Japanese O-Bon?

The vacation time of the summer and winter vacation vary according to different regions, however, the summer vacation regulated by the educational institution shall be from late July to late August, while the winter vacation is from late December to early January.
The summer vacation of some colleges will probably be ended in September.

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