You know that at all! ? 3 reasons why Vtuber is so popular in Japan

Vtuber is short for "Virtual Youtuber", which refers to fictional characters that upload videos or broadcast live just as Youtuber.

In Vtuber, your real appearance will not be showed. CG characters that have been modified are used in videos including game broadcast, live broadcast, gig and many other forms and posted on Youtube.

Recently there are also a lot of cross-border cooperation between Vtubers and companies.

①Rich expression
The CG characters in the videos act just like real people.
Some of them are made with Motion Capture, so the movements of the characters are quite real.

②Easy to meet through video!
It's not easy to meet an idol in reality, but it is much easier to meet a Vtuber than a real idol!
Being close at hand is also one of the reasons why Vtuber is popular.

③Live broadcast
There are not only ordinary videos, but also live broadcasting Vtuber!
Listening to the real conversation, you can directly feel the relationship established with Vtuber!

Vtuber has been widely used by more and more companies and prefectures of Japan.
Welcome to the fascinating world of Vtuber!