kimono japan

Kimono is not only good-looking, it is also a clothing that attaches great importance to "kaku" (rank). For this reason, depending on the occasion, the kimono shall be divided into a high rank dress and fashion dress worn in daily life. This detailed distinction in use gives a different meaning to the kimono.

kimono japan kurotomesode irotomesode

The kimono worn by married women at the wedding of their relatives, which is the highest rank of kimono for married women. The kurotomesode have five kamon with white hiyoku-jitate.

A kind of tomesode with bright base color except black, and the number of kamon varies according to the pattern of the kimono. Luxurious and classical patterns are usually five or three kamon, they are mainly dressed on the occasions of weddings or awards ceremonies, while trendy and modern patterns are used for parties.

kimono japan furisode

Furisode is the highest rank of kimono worn by unmarried women in the comic-of-age ceremony. Through yuzen-zome, tsujigahana-zome, bingata-zome, Shibori-zome/tie-dye and other treatment methods, furisode will become the highest rank of kimono with especially luxury and beautiful patterns.

kimono japan kuromontsuki

Kuromontsuki is the first dress to attend the funeral of the relatives, which is a kind of kimono dyed in black, but the five kamon representing the family will be dyed in white.

kimono japan houmongi

Houmongi is a kind of kimono dressed on the occasions such as weddings or evening parties, workplace activities, children's entrance ceremonies or graduation ceremonies, and visiting to other people's residences.

kimono japan tsukesage

Tsukesage has the same rank with houmongi.
If there is difference with the houmongi, the houmongi is a kimono with patterns dyed on the whole clothes, when its hem, left foresleeve, left shoulder to the collar are spread, it will turn into a picture, while the patterns at the seams among the cloth of the tsukesage are staggered.

kimono japan tsukesage houmongi

The so-called informal occasions are usually the activities such as Hatsumōde (New Year's visits) , friends gatherings, going to see
a play or homecoming, etc. held in any places, where people can wear western-style clothes or casual clothes.

kimono japan iromuji

Iromuji is the kimono that has no pattern at all and is dyed in one color. If the iromuji with kamon has almost the same rank with houmongi, then according to the matched obi and accessories, the bright color can be dressed on joyous occasion, while dark color shall be dressed on funeral arrangements.

kimono japan kamon

The kamon kimono is usually dyed with small kamon which are rich in design and color, and there are wide variety of dressing options. In order to wear the kamon kimono as a casual dress, girls will tie a knot with half-width obi, just like wearing a bathrobe, which is simple but enjoyable.

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