I thought it was just cute, but didn't think that Shiba Inu can also answer common doubts about Japan to the point! Is what this Shiba Inu says true or not on earth...! ?

For Japanese people since ancient times it has been considered a virtue to coordinate with the surrounding and get along with others. In this way, personal opinions and preferences will inevitably be coordinated with the surrounding. For the Japanese like this, if someone says "That is very popular recently", a big craze will be set off immediately. By the way, Taiwan pearl milk tea is now very popular among young women in Japan (in November 2018).

The penetration of English in Japan ranks 49 among 88 countries (2018/EF FPI survey). Overall the penetration rate is really low and there is still a downward trend. Although in Japan English is included in the teaching system, mostly it is just "English for the exam". Therefore, if the Japanese do not accept the English education of "speaking", it is far from the improvement of English proficiency level.

According to a survey made by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the obesity rate in Japan is only 30% for men and 20% for women, and the proportion is quite low even in developed countries. It is believed that the healthy vegetables and fish based Japanese foods as well as the small appetite of Japanese people in everyday life have a great impact on this. The coexistence of a thin-obsessed culture and a sport of fat bodies' crash is quite interesting.

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