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I thought it was just cute, but didn't think that Shiba Inu can also answer common doubts about Japan to the point! Is what this Shiba Inu says true or not on earth...! ?

Actually is there any ninja exist in Japan even now? The answer is YES.
Mr. Kawakami, Jinichi, recognized in Japan as the 21st head of Koga-ryu banto, is regarded as the last ninja in Japan. Kawakami believes that ""In modern society, the existence of ninjutsu does not make any sense."", so he does not intend to accept any apprentice to pass on ninjutsu. In the distant future, there will no longer be any ninja in Japan, but the magical existence should be passed from mouth to mouth.

The punctuality of Japanese densha/trams is not only due to the operating system of each railway company, but also because of the earnest and dependable characters of Japanese people.

In the past there was a case in Japan that they apologized to the public because the densha/tram arrived 20 seconds earlier (rather than later). In the city center, every morning 3.72 million people take densha/trams to school and to work. In this case, they can still meet the schedule accurately all the time, isn't it already a miracle …!?

For Japanese people since ancient times it has been considered a virtue to coordinate with the surrounding and get along with others. In this way, personal opinions and preferences will inevitably be coordinated with the surrounding. For the Japanese like this, if someone says "That is very popular recently", a big craze will be set off immediately. By the way, Taiwan pearl milk tea is now very popular among young women in Japan (in November 2018).

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