The winter solstice is the day when the sun elevation is the lowest and the sunshine duration is the shortest of the year in the northern hemisphere. In terms of sunshine time difference, it will be nearly five hours in Tokyo, while more than six hours in Hokkaido.

A long time ago, people thought that the winter solstice is the day when the sun's energy output is the weakest and suitable for re-birth of a soul, so this day should be the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year.

In addition, not only in Japan, but also around the world will celebrate the winter solstice. It is said that Christmas originated from the Winter Solstice Festival, because the lunar winter solstice in the year when Jesus was born was just on December 25th, the birthday offering of Jesus has been held on this day.

In Northern Europe, in order to celebrate the sun's resurrection, a festival called "Yule" was held around the winter solstice in the past. By this token, not only in Japan, people around the world will celebrate the winter solstice.

In the past, people thought that taking a pomelo bath is a behavior that cleaning the body so as to attract a new good fortune, but today, people like taking pomelo bath is to warm the body and prevent colds.

The pomelo peel has the ingredients for anti-microbico, promoting blood circulation and relaxing body and mind, so once the winter solstice is approaching, there will be a lot of pomelo sold in the Japanese supermarket. Whenever seeing these pomelo, there will be a feeling of "winter is coming"!

What do you think?
I think there are many kinds of method for spending winter all over the world. The pomelo bath is one of the wisdom of the Japanese to spend the winter. Please come and enjoy the unique winter solstice festival in Japan!


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