Feb 29 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 23】Strategy Of Current U of T Students

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Feb 22 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 22】Use Social Media!

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Feb 15 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 21】Ryo Fujii

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Feb 08 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 20】Two Personalities

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Feb 01 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 19】The SDS And PREP Methods

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Jan 25 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 18】Eliminate Mistakes!

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Jan 18 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 17】Guarantee To Pass

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Apr 23 ,2019

Shōnen manga 5 out of something about the leading character!

Japanese comics are loved by people all over the world!
Here let me introduce to you something about the leading character of a quite popular Shōnen manga (Boys' comics)!

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Jul 28 ,2018

Comic & Anime lovers must know! "Doujinshi"! What is that??

The "Doujinshi" refers to the magazines or publications produced by individuals/associations, which are the self-published books, while the Shougyoushi is different from the Doujinshi, it is a kind of book that the publisher pay for the author to write.

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Jul 26 ,2018

Japanese Kaidan——Mimi-nashi Hoichi

Once upon a time, in a temple, there was a blind minstrel named "Hoichi", he was particularly good at performing the Tale of the Heike with biwa.

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Jul 24 ,2018

There are many ways to express "I (First Person)"in Japanese amine and comics! ~Ore,Boku,Watashi~

In everyday speech, people use the First Person to call himself or the Second Person to call the other person. For example, in English, people only need to use the single expression such as "I" and "You". But do you know that there are a lot of expression for the First Person in Japanese? Then, here, we take anime and comics as the example to introduce to you the varied "I" that can not be expressed in English.

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