Sep 25 ,2018

You know that at all! ? 3 reasons why Vtuber is so popular in Japan

Vtuber is short for "Virtual Youtuber", which refers to fictional characters that upload videos or broadcast live just as Youtuber.

In Vtuber, your real appearance will not be showed. CG characters that have been modified are used in videos including game broadcast, live broadcast, gig and many other forms and posted on Youtube.

Sep 20 ,2018

Notice when going to Japan! Crowded days but not in holiday!

Actually they are the memorial days for prefecture of Japan
In such days, school will be closed, and the residents in these prefectures will get the free admission for sightseeing and amusement
Different prefectures have different memorial days, and some prefectures have no such anniversaries.

Sep 12 ,2018

Perfect match with a shichimi togarashi! What about a bowl of soft and juicy oyakodon?

Mum: Hey, everyone-! The meal is ready -

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Sep 05 ,2018

120% refreshed feeling! Shimanami Kaido Bicycle Touring

"Shimanami Kaido"is known as the sacred place for bicycle lovers all over the world, which is a 70km lane connects Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, people can enjoy the round-the-island tour by bicycles.

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Aug 29 ,2018

【Special Features】 Which is your favorite ramen?

Ramen is one of the popular foods in Japan and there are many ramen shops nationwide.
In this special feature we gathered information to find the ramen shop you want to visit.

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Aug 28 ,2018

This is really amazing...! Angel's Tear Drop can be tasted? ! Mikan Club!

Just come back from a taste of the mysterious Japanese style desserts that are only available at "Mikan Club" in Urasando Garden!

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Aug 16 ,2018

What's The 2nd Most Famous Festival in Japan? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Does your country also have Top Three? There are many Top Three in Japan, so we select carefully and provide you with some classical Top Three which may be well-known to all the people!

Aug 09 ,2018

The Elementary Knowledge of Climbing Mt. Fuji! Lesser-known Info of the Highest Mountain in Japan

As you know, Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is considered to be the symbol of Japanese beauty and is often drawn in many art pieces. So many mountain climber climb it every year. However, do you know the best time to climb Mt. Fuji?

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Aug 06 ,2018

Understand Japanese Atomic Bomb Memorial Awareness Day (8/6), pray together and protect peace!

It is a memorial day on August 6th for Hiroshima, the world's first city bombed by atomic bomb.

On August 6th of each year, people will hold a peace memorial ceremony at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, it is a day that all Japanese can't forget.

Aug 03 ,2018

Special Features: Instructions for enjoying the summer of Japan!

This article introduces articles of Manga de Japan that will help to make the summer of Japan fun and comfortable.

● Food edition
Three kinds of Manga de Japan editing department Recommended ice cream.

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Aug 02 ,2018

Visiting Japan and Need to Know How to Stay Connected?

An internet connection is a necessity for traveling abroad!
What do you use to connect to the internet?
Let's take a look at the main 3 methods.

Aug 02 ,2018

Bonsai is More Than Just Those Little Trees

Do you know about "bonsai"?
Just like Japanese garden, right? If you think so, it may be not correct.
You may know about it, but I think you do not understand what it does mean on earth. So this time I'd like to deeply introduce to you the relative knowledge about bonsai.