Jul 12 ,2018

Fish So Fresh, You'd Think You Caught it Yourself. (You did!)

Japan is synonymous with its food! And of course Japanese cuisine wouldn't be complete without fish cuisine! So, we went to a place where they cook up fish that you catch--Zauo!

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Jul 10 ,2018

"One-day experience on pottery classroom! @Cafeyu"

I have introduced to you the Cafeyu, a coffee shop where you can choose your favorite "utsuwa". And there is a pottery classroom on the 2 floor of this coffee shop, so I went there once!

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Jun 14 ,2018

Plastic umbrella born in Japan

Plastic umbrella was born in Japan in 1955, which is widely known for its raw material and competitive prices. Besides its raw material is plastic, the structures are not different from other yougasa (general umbrellas).

May 29 ,2018

Nihonntou Part2

"Hello everyone. I'm an uncle who likes nihonto very much.
Last time I introduced to you the types of nihonto."

May 19 ,2018

Manga design exhibition is started on today!

Manga design exhibition is started on May 19 in Osaka University of Arts sky campus in Abeno Haruka 24th floor of Osaka.

We use manga design in the showpiece of manga design exhibition.

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May 11 ,2018

Shocked! The facts behind the wig in cosplay!

Cosplay is a kind of unique Japanese culture.
But no one can find the hard work hidden behind the beautiful cosplay!

May 02 ,2018

Japanese Tango no Sekku

"TAKAO ""Hi, KIYOMI! It's time to Tango no Sekku on May 5th""
KIYOMI""Ah? What is Tango no Sekku?""
TAKAO ""Goddess, don't you know the Tango no Sekku? It's hopeless at all. I'll teach you."""

Apr 21 ,2018

Asakusa Sensoji Temple Kaminarimon Top Chochin

Tarou:"Wow, so beautiful..."

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Apr 18 ,2018


Nihontou has a tradition of more than a millennium, which is known as the sword made on the basis of Japanese unique forging methods.

Apr 13 ,2018

Have you ever seen this in Japanese dramas or movies? Japanese “Goukon”, or group dating

“Goukon” is a group blind date to meet opposite sex. Most of you are likely to have watched it in Japanese dramas or movies. “Goukon” comes from the words “Godo Konpa” (informal group meeting of mixed sex). It is where 2 and more groups of people organize a party together and both the male and female participants get to know each other. In Japan, how do the OLs organize this kind of event? This time, we will share the “Goukon’s rules” based on the actual experience!

Apr 12 ,2018

Miyuki Shokudou

Miyuki Shokudou is a famous Tokyo canteen that is often seen in Japanese comics, TV series, etc. This time I went there once in person.

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Apr 11 ,2018

Up to 10,000 or more ?! Detailed Study of Japanese "Kamon"

Do you know the "kamon" widely used in Japan? Actually, the ancient kamon was used to express his family and status, however, nowadays, kamon has been popularized in the Japanese corporate logo, comics, and even the trademark of LOUIS VUITTON. So it is very close to everyday life now.