Feb 20 ,2018

Coming the craze for cat!! The charms of Japanese Cat

Now, a craze for cat is set off in Japan. In 2017, it has become a hot topic that the cat owners are more than those who raise dogs. It is also in Japan, there exists some cats called "Japanese Cat". This time, let me give you a detailed explanation of such "Japanese Cat"!

Feb 16 ,2018 AD

Warm Welcome from OITA-1-

Oita Prefecture is located in northern Kyushu,
a region known as the "Gateway to Asia".
It is filled with hot springs (onsen), where visitors soak away
their stress in natural baths. It's also a place where the food
and the lifestyle are close to the land.

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Feb 14 ,2018

Girls in love are very busy! Valentine's Day!

The chocolate is only given to the people you like on Valentine's Day, is that out of date? !
Let's take a look at the current Valentine's Day!

Feb 03 ,2018

Why do Japanese people scatter beans on this day? And what does Setsubun mean?

Scattering beans to drive away the evil shall be performed on February 3, the Setsubun.
Putting up small decorations of sardine and eating beans, it is really strange.
Then why they do such things, let me explain it to you!

Jan 26 ,2018

Permanent Collector's Edition ! Useful Japanese Course, part2. Katakana.

Hope for serialization a little earlier!
The theme of ""Useful Japanese Course"" of this time is Katakana.
Have you try to challenge the Hiragana of last time? Then what is the difference between Katakana and Hiragana? And where to use Katakana? From now on, you may become the expert of Katakana !

Jan 12 ,2018

So many good things?! Get the Fukubukuro!!

In order to get the Fukubukuro many shops sell at the beginning of the
year, let's go to have a look!

Jan 10 ,2018

The running kimono? ! I tried to explore the world of "Hakama".

Speaking of Japan, you will think of kimono! But do you think that each kinds of kimono are the same?
Today I am going to talk about a kimono in the comics which is called ""Hakama"".
Needs to wear boots to match Hakama? Wearing it to do farm work? Ah, 〇〇,a famous star, also wear it ?!
So I explore the world of legendary ""Hakama"".

Jan 01 ,2018

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
Thank you for all of your help last year.

This movie expresses the greetings of new year.

Dec 30 ,2017

Even the game in New Year's Holiday is full of moral!

The New Year's Day is on January 1 !
Now let me introduce to you the "New Year's Game" with lucky moral !

Dec 27 ,2017

Inspiration for your journey! Japan Top Three!

Does your country also have Top Three? There are many Top Three in Japan, so we select carefully and provide you with some classical Top Three which may be well-known to all the people!

Dec 20 ,2017

It is not edible, but the report of production & experience on "Replica Foods" in Japanese culture!

Do you know something called "Replica Foods"?
When you are in Japan, you will find high-quality "Replica Foods" everywhere in restaurant.
I heard that there are some places where we can experience the production of "Replica Foods", a unique culture in Japan, this time I have gone to a shop called "Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya" at Kappabashi of Asakusa !

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Dec 19 ,2017 AD

"A treasure house of happiness! Kabukicho!"

With famous movie monsters, dancing robots and one-of-a-kind bars, Kabukicho has become a hot new spot for tourists from abroad.

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