In reality there are always girls who are regarded as "cute" and "stylish" but don't have a boyfriend. And there are also popular girls who are not so cute but constantly have new boyfriends.

Learning from Moteko, this time Beautymatome will introduce to you the most effective "Little Devil Key Points" and "Little Devil Wording".

Body touch with the opposite sex is more difficult for men. For example, while in both cases it is about body touch, a man would be hated if he touches a woman's chest, but if a woman touches a man's chest in few cases the man would feel disgusted.
It is the same for body touch on sensitive parts such as buttocks and thighs. In addition, there are also a lot of men being very careful about touching women's hands, shoulders, arms and other parts.

Although men are generally ineloquent, they are very fond of chatting. However, facing women who also enjoy chatting, men usually stop talking because of worries and concerns.
Therefore, women who can listen carefully to men in conversations are very precious beings.

It's not listening while using smart phones or while searching for karaoke songs. It's about listening attentively and being all ears. Such women can usually make men tempted.

To put it bluntly, men react strongly to women's "sexual" body parts. In short, men have a certain preference on sexy women.
Speaking of typical feminine appeals, it is always about obvious parts like breasts. If a woman is not busty she might be less attractive to men. As for thighs, even if you are not in miniskirt lots of men can be quite excited.
However, don't overdo it on purpose. The best situation is to make the man feel like he's lucky to see it today.

Though this is a typical platitude, it seems like men in any time cannot resist it. But be careful not to say it too deliberately. It is more natural to say "I have never tried something like this", so it is recommended.

When receiving something or being guessed, don't end the conversation by just saying "Thank you" or "You guessed it!" Try to say "How do you know?" in a slightly surprised mood. In this way, the man will feel that he has made the right choice and has a feeling of complacency.

Once praised they can hardly conceal their excitement, this is the personality of boys. But half-hearted or pointless compliments will not work. The key point is to see the best in him and praise accordingly.
Though somewhat similar, words like "You're good" may make men feel despised, so please be careful.
You can try to say "It's so nice of you!" to a male friend.

My heart beats fast and I feel a bit nervous. Men would laugh up their sleeve on hearing such unsophisticated words. It can be more effective for women who are decisive at other times to say so.
Women who are calm and indifferent as usual even when coming across pleasantly surprises, walking into a luxury store or having eye contacts are likely to suffer. Please be sure to try using this line!

No matter saying this to men or women, they will be quite happy. Women who enjoy being loved often say this in daily life. It's very important to always be thankful.

Above we introduce to you the Little Devil Skills from Moteko.
You can also use these Little Devil Skills to make boys tempted♪
Beautymatome will keep learning from Moteko, so stay tuned!

Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.


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