【Female Article】Type and Difference of Kimono

Last time we introduced to you the type of women kimonos, then this time will be the Male Article.

Compared with the gara/pattern of women kimonos, the rank of men kimonos are basically distinguished by the material of "cloth". The men kimonos can be divided into following three types:

Kuromontsuki haori hakama: Habutai haori・nagagi+Sendaihira hakama

Black Habutai, dyed five-kamon nagagi and haori matched with Sendaihira hakama, such clothing shall be called the first dress, as well as the male highest rank clothing, which is widely used on formal occasions such as wedding, age ceremonies (seijin-shiki), funeral and so on.

Iromontsuki haori hakama:
Color habutai haori・nagagi+Sendaihira hakama

This is a high-rank dress for various formal occasions other than funerals, such as weddings, age ceremonies, etc. Compared with the kuromontsuki haori hakama, it can be said a relatively casual dress. There are three types for the number of kamon of iromontsuki haori hakama, those are five, three and one, the fewer the number of kamon, the lower the rank, so on formal occasions, please wear a formal kimono with five kamons.

The rank of haori hakama is lower than the iromontsuki haori hakama, there are two kinds of fabric of haori・nagagi:

The number of kamon of haori hakama is usually three or one, the kaku of omeshi is higher than that of tsumugi.
For hakama, the Sendaihira or plain omeshi hakama or tsumugi hakama can be chosen freely, but the kimono made by tsumugi will be not good if matched with the hakama with gloss such as Sendaihira.

Not wear hakama, but the haori clothing, which can go out easily with nagagi. Just like haori hakama, the fabric of haori clothing can also be divided into two types, omeshi and tsumugi. Combine the haori and nagagi according to your own preferences, you can go out in fashion but not lose rank.

On more casual occasions, can wear kinagashi without haori, it is completely a kind of casual wear. When walking around or going to a convenience store, can wear such clothing and go out easily.

When you choose men kimono, please refer to this article!