Special Features : The scenery of Japan during the celebrating period of welcoming new year

Special episode : The scenery of Japan during the celebrating period of welcoming new year

Many traditional activities will be held during the celebrating period of new year, and it is a period for the japanese to be clogged.
Here is the summary of the activities in the new Year of Japan.
Why don't you enjoy your favoriates in this great period?

First of all, the japanese will make and send New Year's cards in the first month of the lunar year for the purpose of paying more attention to courtesy, so they will send them on January 1st.
Isn't it one kind of special greeting by the way of sending cards with japanese style?

Let's send the "Greeting Cards" to close friends and colleagues !

In the end of December, the japanese will prepare for the new year by cleaning the dirt collected in the whole year. Let's take a peek at the basic preparations of the Japanese.

Come on, Happy New Year! What shall we prepare prior to the New Year's holidays?

After the cleaning, the japanese will make various decorations for the New Year's Day.
The appearance is cute, and we will introduce you the unusual decoration and the Kagami mochi which can be eaten after decorating.

Wish a wonderful and successful new year! Kagami Mochi.

After the preparations for the New Year's Eve. the bells will be knocked in various temples from the night of the New Year's Eve (December 31st) to the first day of New Year (January 1st).
The Japanese will feel that they are more close to the new year after hearing the sound of this bell.

Can not celebrate the New Year without hearing this bells ?! The bells on New Year's Eve.

Many packed set products like lucky bags are on sale in many shops opened on January 1st,
Don't you consider to buy you one lucky bag as the reference?

So many good things?! Get the Fukubukuro!!

Hakone Ekiden is one of the most important events in Japan New Year's Day.
Japanese people are fond of the Hakone Ekiden, where many dramatic activities are born.

"Reasons for the high popularity of Hakone Ekiden (Hakone Relay) that fascinated the Japanese"

Whether you stay at home or go to the activity site, the Hakone Ekiden is worth watching,
The traditional play outside the site is also worth enjoying.
You can also take part in the auspicious activity which can make you pray for a lucky future.

Even the game in New Year's Holiday is full of moral!

It is aslo suit for you on New Year's Day to pray for a healthy year by eating seven herbs collected on July 1st.

To celebrate a healthy New Year, just eating Nanakusagayu!

Why not try to enjoy the new year and incorporate you a few japanese habits you are fond of?
Then, please welcome a good year!

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