I was so happy to be asked out on a date by the person I like♡ After our first pleasant date, I couldn't help thinking of when he will ask me for a second date.However,I don't hear from him anymore・・・When? What went wrong ?

The reason why there is no second dates. Everything was going well between us but I don't hear from my date anymore…!Why!?

Let's check the information correctly. First of all, as you were invited to a first date, so it is certain that the boy is interested in you.And you two actually dated. But he doesn't ask you for a second date... This means only one thing.It's.....

Because you failed the first date!!

Well,let's look at the reasons below.

CASE1: The way you eat Oh,I got a reply from my friend!I have a dog at my parents ' house〜… Mmm〜my stomach is already full.

The way you eat will change his impression of you. Do you make sounds while chewing? Do you talk during the meal?Do you leave food on the plate?We do not know which one caught his attention, but you had better know more table manners.In addition, boys dislike "phone calls during the meal" and"leftovers"anyway. Do you have any idea about these?

Case2: Attitude The dish I ordered is still unserved,  what's going on?We orderer earlier than the customers over there?Excuse me

The "attitude" that we talk here is not the attitude towards the boy you are dating.Simply put, it is your attitude to everyone".For example, the attitude to the server, the attitude to the friend who called you, attitude to the person you bumped into on the street, attitude to the person who caused traffic and crowded line ups... there is no end.However, your attitude shows who you are.

CASE3: Express gratitude The food was delicious but the dessert was not good.The meal costs 18.900 yen. I wonder if she thinks that men should pay the meal…

Men try to do more than he is able to do in a variety of cases to act cool in front of girls.
For example, payment during a date.
Among men, there is a common recognition that ""if possible, a boy is the one that pays for dating bills"". Then what about girls? Do you think boys should pay the bills?Be aware if you think so.Don't forget to express your impression and gratitude when your date pay for the first date meal.

Case4: Girls should ask for the next date!? "One week from the first date... Why doesn't he ask me for the next date...? Hmm"

Some boys think that the girl should mention something about the next date if she enjoyed the first date.
As the girl laments, ""you don't ask me out"".The boy might be thinking the same thing. You don't have to make a date plan.But at least you should show that you want to date him.

"Both of them! Well, it's natural that you won't be connected to your second date! Yes? " How to be invited for the second time? ①Always keep a smile "Anemone fish is cute ~ It might be a small kid. It is happy."

It may be too obvious, but the basic is a smile.
There is no need to keep a smile from beginning to end while you are dating, but at the very least, be sure to have a smile to the extent that the boy think that you had fun.
Boys try to know girls' response from whether a girl looks happy during a date. Moreover, there is the merit that the atmosphere of the place becomes better by smiles.

②Keep saying "Thank you" Thank you.You helped me a lot!It's so kind of you!

When he takes your luggage and pay for the meal, of course, when you open the lid of a plastic bottle or when he walks on the roadway side for you, express your gratitude for any trivial matter. What is important here is to keep saying from beginning to end.And of course, do not forget to smile♡

③Give a lonely look at parting "It's  time to leave! I still have a lot to talk to you.  See you again!"

A boy is a creature who wants to be relied upon by someone. It leads to the recognition that his existence was admitted by your expression which seems to be lonely when parting.In addition,he won't forget your expression, and it will make him think that you are special.
Then he will definitely ask you for the next date. Please try it out.

Cherish the first date.

If you can make the boy think""I want to see you again! "",then the date is a success.
It's important to enjoy, but don't lose your mind. Instead of ""I still have a chance"", let's cherish every chance of date.

Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.

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