Special episode:Various delicious fine tea tapioka tapioca sushi namagashi wagashi green tea

Special episode:Various delicious fine tea

Green tea is one of the representative drinks in Japan.
It not only has beautiful colors and charming aroma, but also calm people down and has a good effect on health.

There are various types of tea, such as green tea in green color and Hojicha (roasted green tea) in brown color and so on, but do you know that they are all made from the same tea leaves?
In the following part, we will introduce to you some types of tea and how they are prepared that even Japanese people don't know very well.

Do You Know All the Varieties of Japanese Green Teas? Test Your Knowledge!

Actually when making tea, the boiled water is not the hotter the better.
Please refer to this article and make green tea tastes better!

Have You Been Making Japanese Tea the Wrong Way?

Namagashi is a Japanese-style dessert that matches with tea.
Just have a look at the beautiful appearance with craftsmen's spirit of Namagashi is enough to make people intoxicated.
On most Namagashi there are motifs that match the seasons, so we can enjoy them all year round happily!

Art of Japanese Sweets! Namagashi

Sushi is also one of the foods that go with tea.
Here are some tips on how to match different types of tea to make sushi more delicious.

Green Tea and Sushi

In recent years the most popular tea in Japan is pearl milk tea.
We tried and compared pearl milk tea in Harajuku.
You may find the pearl milk tea that you like as well.

We Ranked 'Em! The Best Tapioca @ Harajuku

Please try to drink different kinds of tea in Japan and find the one you like!

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