【LINE】Boys will definitely be tempted! Moteko's killing skills♡

LINE is a very popular chat tool. Just through LINE, boys may be tempted by you and be impressed by you!
In the Beautymatome of this time, let's learn the exciting LINE skills of Moteko!

・Do not send long messages
・Do not reply immediately
・It is absolutely forbidden to say "I like you" on LINE!
Let's take a closer look at them one by one.

We often send a very long message unconsciously because we want other people to know ourselves or we don't want to fail or don't want to be misunderstood. But in this way, the boys will feel that you are "a girl with strong aura".Therefore, when sending a message to the other party, a simple and short message would instead make the other party easier to reply. This is a key point.

When the other party replies to you, you can not help replying to him with joy immediately, we often do like this. However, if so, you will be a "girl often cater to him or a girl can be on call at any of that is to play" in his eyes.

On business occasions, immediate response is an effective means, but for love, it will be opposite. If you don't have an immediate response, he may think "what's wrong with her", and will think about you before getting your reply.

Is this a good time for confession? Even if you think so, you shouldn't send "I like you" on LINE, You can send "I like you" in another way. And if you are a girl in your late 20s, he may regard you as a cheap girl.
If you really want to say "I like you", you can send "I may not hate you", "you are not bad" or such similar message, which will give him a sense of condescending and can also show the calmness of a mature woman.

If you send a sweet LINE with encouragement at the beginning and end of the day,the boy receive your message will be very happy. Because it is a message that doesn't need to be replied and is quite warm, he will think you are a "smart and sensible girl".

If you feel that sending "good morning" and "good evening" every day may cause trouble and burden on the other party, you may send them at the beginning and end of the week, so that the boy will look forward to your message on LINE♡

For example, you can ask something related to the work of a boy or his interests, special talents and so on. Men like women trust them very much! Especially when boy feel that you are interested in what he likes, he will be especially happy. After reaching a certain level of upbeat atmosphere on LINE, you may say "I really want you to tell me directly next time" so as to try to invite him to date.

When a girl says "I am a little troubled..." to a boy, no one will disregard it, instead, he will feel that he is trusted and dependent and very happy. However, the content of the discussion should not be too heavy, on the contrary, the work-related concerns which boys deeply understand may narrow the distance between you♡

In fact, the most happy LINE for a boy is receiving a invitation to date. Originally she is just an ordinary female friend, but if he is invited to have a dinner together, the boy will also care about this girl at once. This is a LINE that needs courage and will be the most effective LINE.

If sending "I want to take a shower first" on LINE, it must be absolutely a killing statement. When he receives this message, the boy will definitely be uneasy... "what is she dressing now...no, she must has nothing on!" At this time, the boy must be full of illusions that he want to see. After taking a shower, be sure to report "finished", that will be better.

If the boy who feels in love on LINE receives your spoiled words, he will reply to you in haste. The high-sound response of the boys to "I am a little sleepy" is "Would you like to sleep with me?" At this time they might be secretly laughing at the other end of the LINE.

Just like living together, the LINE message like "I'm back" will make the boy can't help be happy and showing a satisfactory smile. Such words will make the boys indulge in the illusion of "we will get married..."

If a girl say "I want to meet you" bluntly on the LINE, the boy will be excited and heart-warming. It is obviously the guy who want to meet at once...♡

"This is my first time..." is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Because you have a very pleasant date, together with such touching statement, the boy in dream may...Even if it is not like this, such words will be very sensitive to boys.

The above is the LINE skills of Moteko.
These are the skills that can be practiced today. Please try to use them!
In the future, Beautymatome will continue to learn from Moteko, so stay tuned♡

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