Taiwanese food is very popular with Japanese women, like tapioca and soup dumplings. In the Tenjin area full of gourmet, I will introduce the Taiwanese restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of Michelin to you.

Today is kitty party with friends of foreign students from university. I'm hungry! Let's go fast! What are we going to eat? The Tenjin area is full of delicious food and you will get lost in it ~ Ah! This shop! The DAISANGEN! "Taiwan" Dim Sum ...? Mei Ling's hometown! Do you know the restaurant? Of course! It is famous in Taiwan!

DAISANGEN, located in the B2F of "Solaria Plaza", the center of Tenjin. The restaurant opened in November 2017 as the first one in Japan. You can go to the store from the airport without getting out on the ground. You don't need to worry about the weather even if it's rain!

Moreover, the restaurant has earned a Michelin Star! a view of Michelin acquisition Great! Well then let's go there!! You're such a sheep~(laugh) Well, surely I am also interested in it. a view of the restaurant

'In March 2018, DAISANGEN became the first restaurant in Taiwan with a one-star Michelin rating. You can enjoy the trend of Taiwan, and the taste of Taiwanese restaurant in a casual atmosphere. Furthermore, in order to have the people of Fukuoka enjoy the taste of Taiwan, we are focusing on a menu that can only be eaten in DAISANGEN.

DAISANGEN Limited set  JPY1,100[Excluding tax] You can taste Jiayi Chicken Rice and Xinzhu meatball soup. tapioca milk tea  JPY420[Excluding tax]  You can choose from 60 different combinations such as with or without tea and milk. Yummy!!!!! Next day look! A lot of good comments have sent by friends from Taiwan! I want to go to Tenjin next time! Though it is a restaurant in Taiwan! Great! looks delicious! Wanna go to Tenjin!

It is delicious, popular among SNS, and has the taste of Michelin! With Taiwanese food convinced by Taiwanese, it is also perfect for the kitty party!


Address: SOLARIA PLAZA, B2F, 2-2-43, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Open: 11:00~21:00(L.O)
Tel: 092-733-7328

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