With a head restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, the branches of mango tree spread to London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
We can enjoy authentic Thai food casually at the sister store of mango tree -- mango tree cafe.
"Mango Tree Cafe", it will landed in Kyushu for the first time on this spring.

Where do we go for lunch today? How about going to eat some special dishes~! Got it! Then go to that store! mango tree café!

At lunch, you can taste popular Thai food little by little.
"Solaria Special Lunch Plate" (1,490+tax) is recommended.

From gaprao rice, green curry, soup soba(made by raw soba) to dessert, there are so many choices for you.

For dinner, it is recommended to combine the green papaya salad and the garlic-fried shrimp as one appetizer, as well as the fans of the Thai crab powder soy sauce, and spicy salad with minced pork and herbs, etc. You can enjoy these with Thai beer and ice juice to have a taste of Thailand.

So much shopping that I have had a sore throat ~ Mom ~ I was tired ~ Let's have a cup of tea then Yup! I want to eat some sweet things too!

The recommended choice for tea time is "parfait set" which is a set of parfaits such as mango tree parfait and coconut parfait together with coffee or tea.

After watching the movie or at the rest of the shopping, it is suitable for a leisurely time in the "Mango Tree".

In addition to using herbs and peppers from Thai as fresh as possible (may not be available due to market reasons), in the menu of rice noodles, we have developed our own original raw rice noodles to achieve a sticky taste and authentic Thai style.

In Tenjin store, there are bar seats where are easy and comfortable for only one person to have a good time.

What do you think.
From lunch to teatime and dinner, have a good time at Mango Tree Cafe!

Since it is especially popular with women, it is also recommended for women's meetings and dating.
Please come and enjoy!

mango tree café Tenjin

Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Tenjin, 2 Chome-2-43, SOLARIA STAGE 7

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