Three things to be done when going to Toyosu Market

Three things to be done when going to Toyosu Market

Toyosu market was opened in October,2018. It is different from the former Tsukiji market.The following will introduce 3 things you need do when going to Toyosu market!

5:30 The station in front of the market “Sleepy” “Assemble in front of Shijoumae Station at 5:30 tomorrow morning!” “Though it is necessary,why are we so early?” “Sorry to keep you waiting” Too slow! Sorry for it? “Why must we assemble at this early time? ” “Because we have many places to visit anyway” “Many places?”

1.Viewing the auction of tuna
The popular tuna auction scenery in Tsuliji market can also be seen in Toyosu market.You can view the scenery by staying at the gallery of wholesale market of fish located in the 2nd floor.

“Wow! nice!” “Very surprising, is it the auction of tuna?” “…yes! I really want to have a look! you should visit according to the sequency of arrival in Tsuliji market, so I missed it” “That is why we arrange the assemle time at 5:30” “ However, so many visitors here are ” “We are all so early!”

The auction of tuna will be held between 5:30 and 6:30 AM.

Though we can not hear the voice from the gallery at the 2nd floor,we can see the appearance of the buyers who use special gestures named Teyari to show their prices and quantity they give out.

“That! What are they doing?” “Is it a bidding auction?looks like an auction” “What are the meanings of those gestures? totally misunstand them〜〜〜!” “That is called‘Teyari’” “How do you know that?” “It is written here” “Ah?”

There are the relative introduction board in the gallery and the board of history of Tsuliji you can have a good visit.

You can also visit the auction at Auction Observation Deck in the 1st floor from January 19th, 2019.

“Can we stay so close to visit the bidding!?” “We have to get up early by then!” “What! You are so interested in it!” “I feel hungry so much”

2.A large bowl with fresh seafood
The popular shops are inside Tsukiji market,and other popular shops are outside Tsukiji market.

After visiting the tuna auction,I still want to have good meals and go shopping happily! So go to the seafood wholesale market in the building located in the opposite of the tuna auction, which is near the station.

“What do you want to eat?” “Saying the Toyosu Market,kaisen-don is absolute worth eating” “There it is!” Dang—Dang “Ha〜〜〜” “~This is the jewel box everyone says,so glittering and bright!” “Kaisen-don has the same vision as this remark”

Here are Sushi shops,fried food shops,coffee shops and so on, it is so hard for me to choose. But anyway kaisen-don is the priority!

“Thanks for your treatment, I am enough”   “I am still thinking about why we are so early to assemble,but to be true,we have a good time here ! ” “Right!?wonderful~” “I do not feel well!I didn't sleep well due to too much expection for it yesterday,so I feel sleepy after the meal…” “Hi!don't sleep here!”

3.Native products can be bought in fish alley of Uogashi Yokocho! The shopping mall is located in the 4th floor!
There are about 70 shops operating native products, just enjoy the shopping!
By the way,the newly-opened popular japanese omelette branch shop whose head shop is popular in Tsukiji market is also located in Toyosu market, be sure to take a visit ★

How do you feel? make sure to practice the above 3 things if you go to new Toyosu Market!

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