Do you know "Tokusatsu"?
"Tokusatsu(Special Shooting)"is a genre of video works, which uses models and computer images to create videos that can not be present by ordinary shooting.

Tokusatsu works are also divided into several types:
① Life-sized Hero):Super Sentai, Masked Rider,etc.
② Giant Hero):Ultraman,etc.
③ KAIJU/monster:Godzilla series,etc.

This time, I will introduce tou you the top 5 charms of Life-sized Hero Tokusatsu works, which has unbreakable high popularity in Japan!

I. Loved by adults and children

"Super Sentai? Isn't it the kids' favorite?"
No! Certainly such Tokusatsu works is produced to make kids happy, but the world view embodied can also make adults blood boiling. The parents just accompany their children to watch, but they fell into it unconsciously... such experience is not unusual!

II. The sense of role and story is very strong!

The characters of such Tokusatsu works are roughly divided into the hero of the protagonist and the enemy against him. There are simple and popular stories for children, and there are also dramatic stories for adults. What is good and what is evil? There are so many esoteric contents that even adults can't judge.
The characters in the works are also diverse and fascinating. Around the protagonist's entanglements, watching the hero grows step by step, the audience can not help blood boiling. There is only about 30 minutes for one episode, this easy-to-view way is one of its charms.

III. Fighting and CG are super cool!

action Rider kick

Speaking of Tokusatsu works, it is necessary for the fighting scene and gorgeous frames! The fighting scene of the suit actor is inexplicably handsome. Only by his action, you can imagine his expression. The effects of attack and transformation are different according to different works, and the aesthetic perception of frames makes people's emotions soar.

IV. There are matching toys for you!

Transformation transformation belt

The articles for transformation and special weapons will appear in the Tokusatsu works, so the toys made exactly the same as these items will be sold in the market. Just holding these toys, you'll feel like you have also been into the world of the works, quite happy and interesting, this is also the charm of Tokusatsu works.

V. We can meet them in the Show!

In amusement parks and cinemas, some Hero Show are often held for a variety of activities.

In real life, if provide practical support to the heroes directly, and shake hands with them, high touch... It is extremely powerful to watch heroes and monsters in front of you!

For example, you can watch the Hero Show in these places!
・Tokyo Dome City(Tokyo)
・IKEBUKURO Sunshine City(Tokyo)
・Hirakata Park(Osaka)
・Toei Kyoto Studio Park(Kyoto)

Information on the coming Hero Show(2019)

【Relaxed and happy is the charm! Admission free】

May,26 11:00~ 14:00~ YOMIURI LAND(Tokyo)

May,26 11:00~ 14:00~ Hirakata Park(Osaka)

June,9 11:00~ 14:00~ Hirakata Park(Osaka)

【Official performance! Closer to the heroes.Charges】

Weekend from June 1 to June 16, 11:00,14:00(Saturday),11:00,13:00,15:00(Sunday), Tokyo Dome City(Tokyo)

August 9~August 22 10:00,11:30,13:30,15:00※ Tokyo Dome City(Tokyo)

※The entrance time are different at different times.

The charm of Tokusatsu is inexhaustible. Regardless of the people who have been watching it since childhood, or those who haven't watch so far, how about to try to get in touch with this kind of work? A warm-blooded and cool world will unfold in front of you!

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