When I am sad and depressed ... Don’t Cry Thank you. This flower looks like Murakami flower. Who is "Murakami"? Takashi Murakami was born on 1 February 1962 in Tokyo. As he being raised in Japan he has a lot of passion for anime and manga. Including the dream to work in the animation production industry. With this dream, he chose to attend Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music. [TOKYO GEIJUTSU DAIGAKU (Geidai)] Takashi Murakami began as a painter and sculptor. Most of his work is influenced by comic books, manga or anime which when combined with Eastern art has become the Pop art style of Takashi Murakami He produces work in a variety of ways (painting, sculpture, printing or multimedia). He did not stop himself with just art and is still creating many works in many media fields. Whether it is posters, billboards, interior design, home decoration, figures, toys and etc, his frame grew until he joinied with many world-class fashion brands. In 2002, Takashi Murakami was approached by Marc Jacobs to design a special collection for world-class brands like Louis Vuitton, which this collection including bag with his designed of a colorful monogram as he was. This collection is considered very successful and made the reputation of Murakami known worldwide. In 2007, Takashi Murakami was the designer of the album cover Graduation of rapper singer Kanye West. As well as the director of Good Morning music video in this album. His art is also full of meaning and philosophy that reflects the concept of the work. For example a work called Little Boy, an art work that depicts the atomic bombing in Hiroshima during World War II. The name of Little Boy is the  codename used to call the bomb. Superflat is a Japanese contemporary art movement that gained steam in the early 2000s. Murakami’s work is defined first by its visual aesthetic, an instantly recognizable, super-slick gloss that combines anime (Japanese animated cartoons) and ukiyo-e (traditional Japanese block prints) influences. Actually,Takashi Murakami did not like flowers because they made him feel sick but he saw them as very cute. Inspiration of Murakami Flower came from the atomic bombing at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Some people may understand the smile of flower is the smile of happiness but if you observe carefully in the bright eyes, there will be hidden tears. I will not give up like this  flower too!  Do your  best! As Murakami said these flowers convey the fear of despair. Even if there is pain inside, we must keep on smilling.

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