It is in June now, and it is scorching heat.
Have you worn summer clothes?
In Japan, most schools and companies require students and staff to change their winter clothes to summer clothes during this period, we call it "Koromogae" Culture. Then this time I will tell you such "Koromogae" Culture.

When is it going?

In Japan, the nationwide clothes changing will be conducted twice in a year respectively in early summer and autumn. Due to the north-south temperature difference, the time for changing clothes in different regions are also different, but most are carried out in June and October.
During this period, the students' uniforms will be changed to summer clothes in unison, which is particularly interesting; and I, the editor, was also excited about wearing short sleeves with the long absence.

History of Koromogae Culture

The Japanese Koromogae Culture has a long history which can be traced back to the Heian period. It was originally a Chinese custom, but has been rooted in Japan because it fits well with the changing Japanese landscape in the four seasons.
The "Koromogae" was called "Koi" and shall be carried out twice a year on April 1 and October 1 of the Chinese lunar calendar. In the Meiji period, when Japanese clothing changed from traditional kimono to Western style clothes, the Koromogae began to carry out it in June and October, and was quickly launched in businesses and schools until today.

Current Koromogae Culture

The current Koromogae Culture is mainly used by some schools and companies that need to wear uniforms to conduct business. With the seasonal changes, the length, color, materials and accessories of uniforms are different. Moreover, in recent years, due to severe temperature changes and attention to individual differences, relevant schools and enterprises have begun to set up transition periods for clothes changing in which stipulating that students and staff can wear designated cardigans.
And it is not uncommon that many families carry out their Koromogae activities to match the clothes changing time of school.

What do you think?
Koromogae Culture is an interesting culture to reset wearing clothes. At the same time, just by means of the clothes changing in different season, reflecting the change of the sense of the season, so it is a unique Japanese style culture.

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