I'm Satomi (32 years old),who has always been careless about skin care Skin care is super troublesome... Dang-dang...! I'm interested in mountain climbing! I like basking under UV☆ Then the dark spots turns out on my face! !  Compared with me, my colleague, Yuri Shiroihara (35 years old)... I'm Yuri from Publicity Department I went to the seaside!! My work project has been passed! #Congratulations # Frenchdishes  700 likes! Her skin is so transparent! Satomi—! Next, we will have a planning meeting for the event! Smooth and tight... Obviously, She also likes outdoor activities... Outdoor beer garden! #Summer# Super love sunshine Why your skin is so good? Do you have any good ideas about skincare? Because recently I found a good skin care! WHITE AQUA Whitening Cream(Quasi-drug) This product contains "Tranexamic Acid", a kind of whitening ingredient, which is very effective against dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure, and can restrain the production of melanin Prevent dark spots and freckles Tranexamic Acid Blocking area Melanocyte Prevent organic melanin! Cuticle The White Aqua Complex formed by the main support component of Tranexamic Acid is based on the fruit water, sap and fermentation liquor, and mixing with the moisturizing and adjusting skin ingredients such as White Lily Extract and Ceramide! White Aqua Complex Once you've done the basic makeup as usual, just take a piece of pearl-sized product at your fingertips and rub it on your face where need nursing It feels like fitting on my face closely. Three points of the dark spot care Not deepening Not producing Not relapsing Get the pure skin like white lily as me


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