Not only in Japan, the "Randsel" of Japanese schoolchild is also a popular fashion item overseas. In Japan, such rigid Randsel is a bag for primary school students to put school supplies. Therefore, it is not only fashionable and good-looking, but also fully considers the functionality and practicality for primary school students, which is carefully crafted by professional craftsmen. This time, I'd like to introduce to you the "greatness" of such schoolbag.

①The origin of such schoolbag

Not only fashionable and good-looking! The "greatness" of "Randsel"!

The history of such kind of Japanese schoolchilren's bag can be traced back to the Edo period, it is said that the bag was originated from the cloth backpack used in the military at that time. In Dutch, such backpack is called "Lancel", so the current schoolbag is called "Randsel".

②Elaborately crafted by professional craftsmen

The schoolbag is an important item that will accompany the primary school student in the coming 6 years, so we can feel the elaborate manufacturing process of this bag everywhere.

・It will not be deformed after 6 years

Not only fashionable and good-looking! The "greatness" of "Randsel"!

The bag made of leather is very firm and durable, and will never be broken by any small impact, so it can be used for 6 years by elementary school students.

・Light and handy, never feel heavy

Not only fashionable and good-looking! The "greatness" of "Randsel"!

Because it will be used by younger children, on the basis of relatively large capacity and volume, Randsel also maintains the lightweight design.
The sense of fitting when carrying schoolbag, whether can keep the children in the correct posture and how to decrease the burden on the body, in these respects, the craftsmen have put a lot of effort into it. Therefore, Randsel, which is both light and convenient, is perfect for wild and playful primary school students!

③Keep the safety of children

Randsel's practicality as a backpack is not necessary to say more, it also takes into account the safety of primary school students on their way to school.

・Shock resistance when falling, floating when falling into water

Not only fashionable and good-looking! The "greatness" of "Randsel"!

Even the schoolchildren fall on the way to school, the bag can also protect their head and body as the cushion. Moreover, if a child accidentally falls into a small river or pond, the bag can float easily, which can save the child's life like a swim ring.

・Reflecting board that can flash on the night road

Not only fashionable and good-looking! The "greatness" of "Randsel"!

When going home late, the night road is very dangerous for schoolchildren! Randsel has a reflector, so it will flash on the night road to prevent children from being hit by bicycles or cars so as to avoid traffic accidents.
From this, Randsel is a necessity to protect children's safety.

④Various designs

Not only fashionable and good-looking! The "greatness" of "Randsel"!

It is commonplace for boys using black bags while girls using red bags, but recently there are more choice for the color of Randsel, and there are a variety of styles as well!
As a fashion, there are many stores selling bags for adults, if you are interesting in it, please search for them on the Internet.

What do you think?
It is such a ""Randsel""that contains thoughtful considerations from all sides! Although originally it is just an indispensable classic bag for Japanese schoolchildren, now such ""Randsel"" has been exported to overseas and bought by many adults for its convenience and practicability. Whether you use it yourself or as a gift, I solemnly recommend ""Randsel"" for you!

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