@Harajuku What is this   place? It’s Taro  Okamoto Memorial  Museum. Wanna look inside? Okamoto,  I've heard it  somewhere before. Taro Okamoto was born on February 26th, 1911 Takatsu-mura Kanagawa Prefecture. He is the eldest son of Ippei Okamoto, a manga artist and Kaneko Okamoto Father, Ippei Okamoto was known as a cartoonist. He entered Tokyo Art School Western Art Department. While in school his work, "Tunnel Yokomachi" was selected from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts exhibition. After graduating, he joined Asahi newspaper company and changed the traditional punch picture format to produce a modern cartoon. Mother, Okamoto Kanoko was a poet and novelist.  She got married with Ippei when she was 22 years old and had given birth to Taro the next year. In the 1930’s he attended Pantheon-Sorbonne, an art school in Paris, France. He remained there for 10 years. Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s work, Okamoto started to pursue abstract art. In 1938, Okamoto began studying ethnology with a focus towards Oceania, under the tutelage of Marcel Mauss. He returned to Japan in 1940. Taro Okamoto was sensitive to human rights. He was a person who appealed for individual rights and freedoms. His theory of art was to create a work that attracts the eye. This project was decided when a world exposition will be held in Osaka in 1970. Okamoto said, "I will make something simplistic anyway", and it was "the tower of the sun". The Japan World Exposition has an impact on all areas, and in 1975, the permanent preservation of the Tower of the Sun is decided. It is still loved as a symbol of Osaka. Taro Okamoto Public Art Spots in Tokyo The children's castle is located in front of the Aoyama Theater, diagonally opposite Aoyama Gakuin University on Aoyama Street. This large-scale art is in the connecting of Shibuya Mark City. Between Keio Inokashira Line and JR Line. The theme is on the H-bomb explosion. It was the largest mural of Taro Okamoto. It's similar to "the tower of the sun", but this is the end. As the name suggests, it is a clock tower. A Citizen watch is ticking. 1966  It is a work that was requested and produced as a commemoration of the formation of the Sukiyabashi Lions Club. In 1954 a "Face" was set up as a tombstone for the 7th anniversary of his father, Ippei. Taro died in 1996, and an "afternoon day" was built as a tombstone of Taro around that lap, and a monument that Yasunari Kawabata called the Okamoto family as a holy family was also built in the site. Okamoto is a super fantastic person ~ I  remembered ! ! ! This is the Okamoto*  that I know. It's  totally  different !!! * Okamoto 0.03 is a condom brand

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

The Official Site of the Tower of the Sun Museum

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