""Chonmage"" is a form of Japanese traditional hairstyle.
It was so strange and unique that the foreigners who came to Japan at the time even thought the Japanese had a gun on their head.

"Got to Japan!  Why does he have a gun on his head!?  So scary!"

Do you know that there are actually several types of chonmage?
It seems that the hairstyle changed according to the trends of that time and the atmosphere under which people wish to attract others.
Let's take a look at this deep chonmage style!

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The most orthodox hairstyle. Sumo wrestlers also wear it.
In addition, the Ichomage is divided into two types, Oicho favored by samurais, as well as Koicho that is comfortable and favored by merchants.


Hondamage is a hairstyle that needs one to shave a lot of hair down.
It gives the impression of beauty and gentleness, and is widely popular as a classic hairstyle for the fashionable Edokko.
According to the rumors, ""in Yoshiwara Yukoku, one will be ignored unless he wears hondamage"", so this hairstyle also make people associate with playboys.


Chasengami is hairstyle popular with young people during the Azuchi-Momoyama period.
To tie this hairstyle, people don't need to shave their head, or they can shave hair very narrowly and tie it with a string or something, leaving the ends loose.
Young people who prefer to be flashy seem to like to tie their hair very big.


Sohatsu is a hairstyle that one can tie his hair without shaving the head.
In the early Edo period, it was mainly tied by doctors and scholars, but from the late Edo period, it got popular as a common hairstyle.
It was also a classic hairstyle for Ronin such as Sakamoto Ryoma.
It's very charming and can be used even nowadays.

・Chonmage Experience

There are several places to experience chonmage in Japan.
How about becoming a person in the past when you visit Japan?

①Choose the wig and kimono you like.②Ask the staff to help you to dress and make the hair set.③You can go out into the Edo town or take photos in the studio!

Places where you can experience

・TOEI Kyoto Studio Park (Kyoto)

・Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Village (Hokkaido)

Chonmage has slightly changed according to the times, personality, and status.
In the past and now, it expressed and still expresses people's strong pursuit of excellence of the hairstyle.
Why not pay more attention to performers' hairstyle when you watch a jidaigeki and kabuki?

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