Having "Comic Market" at the head of the list, “doujinshi convention” has become a culture. There are so many people, including those who come from overseas,

longing to participate in this big event that is held several times a year in Japan! This time, I'm going to introduce you the unknown "things inside this industry" that you should take a look at first

   What is doujinshi?

what is doujinshi

""Doujin"" is a Japanese term for individuals or groups who share an interest or ambition. That is to say, doujinshi refers to those ""books"" created by people who share an interest. First thing to know is that doujinshi are generally divided into two types, ""creation"" and ""re-creation""

They are, in simple terms, ""original works"" and ""derivative works of original works (existing works)""
For those who still want to say ""Sorry? What exactly does that mean?"", I will explain what re-creation is by the following paragraphs

Comic & Anime lovers must know! "Doujinshi"! What is that??

   The history of Comiket

comic market history

Here I would like to introduce you the history of ""Comic Market"", which is the largest even among doujinshi convention
In the 1970s, the Comiket project started with only 4 staffs.

Since then, the venue has gradually grown in size. By the 1990s, there was an explosively increase in Japanese anime booths participants. Doujin (creations) circles successfully transformed themselves into commercial manufacturers, showing the unstoppable high popularity and good momentum. Now, with many (officially established) general companies participating in the Comiket, its high popularity can be seen

   Why haven't doujinshi, the re-creation works, gotten sued?

Doujinshi are re-creation works based on others' original works, why haven't those works gotten sued?

The answer is: the original author didn't sue
That is, doujinshi, the re-creation works, and doujin goods are actually illegal, but the original authors didn't sue them. So be sure to keep in mind that if one is actually sued, he or she will be out
Therefore, please follow the following manners at least!

   Manners when dealing with doujinshi, the re-creation works

doujinshi manner rule ng

・ No matter how happy you are after you get a doujinshi, do not read it in public (for it may be seen by many other people)
・ Do not upload to SNS without permission (for this will trouble both the original author and the creator)
・ Whether it's creation or re-creation, it's not good to resale
・ Any other acts letting it be seen by the official or the original author are not good

Please pay attention to the ways of treating doujinshi and manners, for it's quite a delicate thing

   Never forget to take care of each other as a human being

Both circle participants and general participants are ""participants"", not customers

So everyone can be a friend sharing common interests. Don't forget to create a comfortable space and take care of each other
Just greet others with a smile and a happy mood, and you would leave a good impression!

   People overseas surely can participate, too!

People overseas surely can participate comic market

Regardless of nationality, non-Japanese fans can also be circle participants and general participants. Please check the official website through which you want to participate. The website offers multiple languages support, such as English, Chinese and Korean

   Follow the rules and have fun!

What do you think? There are many other rules and manners, so please take a look in advance each time. Learn a little more about doujinshi convention and enjoy the vibrant doujinshi life♪

A Big Event Held Twice a Year!? What is Comiket?

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