"When coming to differences between foreign countries and Japan, people often compare ""America"" with Japan
Take a close look and you will be shocked by the fact that Japan and America are really ""completely opposite"". This time, I'm going to introduce you 7 things totally different between Japan and America"

   Negative or positive character

illustration japan usa differences america manga comic

The Japanese who have a "Shame Culture" are so modesty, cautious and realist, which is sometimes regarded as negative. For Americans, the audacious "pioneers' history" has cultivated their positive mentality

   Enter the house with their shoes on? Or off?

illustration japan usa differences america manga comic

Japan has a culture of spreading tatami mats at home. It's difficult to do cleaning if sand and mud enter into the narrow gaps of tatami mats! In addition, the point that the futon in laid directly on the floor is also considered. In America, people basically won't sit on the floor. So for them, there are not much differences between the floor and outside, even they are actually staying at home

   Why is the house so small? Or so big?

It's easy to understand considering the population and land area. Divide the land equally to each person, each Japanese can get a square land of 54m×54m in Japan, while 29,767m×29,767m per person in America. From this difference, you can understand why American houses are so large and Japanese houses are so small

   Cooperate with others? Or to be unique?

illustration japan usa differences america manga comic

Japan is a country where people have a strong idea of "doing all things together". "I don't think so, but everyone agrees, so I should agree, too," they even think in this way unconsciously. On the other hand, America is a country with various races and cultures, so it's natural that "everyone is different from others". In such a country, you have to voice your opinions if you want to be understood by others, and it can be said that it also needs you to own the skill of expressing yourself naturally

   Work on weekends? Or not?

Japanese people must make a response when they receive a call from the boss or the company, even during holidays. Or they will be warned. And they hate that. On the other hand, American people prefer to freedom and hate being fettered, so they won't bring any work into holidays

   Eat a little? Or a lot?

illustration japan usa differences america manga comic

What these two countries shock each other is “eating little and eating too much for a meal”. In Japan, failing to eat up the meals served is very rude. But in America, people eat a lot, which is quite normal. Even we doubt if they can really eat up that an amount of food. Considering the frontier period, it's more reassuring to be ""sufficient"" than ""insufficient""
In Japan, for health management reasons, ""taking leftovers home"" is not allowed. On the other hand, in America, ""to-go boxes"" are prepared, so it's reasonable that people take leftovers home.

   Temperate physical contact with your lover? Or bold?

illustration japan usa differences america manga comic

The Japanese care people around them very much and they basically do not like to have physical contact outside. They don't like kissing outside either, for being lovey-dovey can be seen by people around
While Americans have rich facial expressions and are good at using body language. They are quite sociable and prefer to actively express love to their lovers

Seen from the culture and characters, Japanese and Americans are so different! Many people may be shocked and think so.
There are many more differences between Japanese and Americans besides the contents mentioned this time.
These differences don't mean that one of them is superior while the other is inferior... It will be great if they accept each other's ""values"" and establish a better relationship!

   Preview of the next article!

illustration japan usa differences america manga comic

What was it about the cultural differences between America and Japan that shocked Amy so much after she came to Japan…!?!?

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