"Halloween, an indispensable part of autumn, is a celebration that celebrates the fall harvest, commemorate ancestors and drive away the evil spirits. But do you know that Halloween culture is rooted even in Japan far away from Europe?
This time, for those who spend Halloween in Japan or who are interested in Halloween in Japan, I would like to introduce five ways to enjoy Halloween in Japan!"

   Strange origins of Halloween in Japan

In 1983, a masquerade parade event called ""Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade"" was held at Omotesando, Harajuku Area, which was the first Halloween event in Japan.
From then on, Halloween events have taken root little by little.
Introduced from America and accepted in Japan in the form of ""event and ritual"", the form of cosplay events also changes from devils, witches and ghosts to sailor clothes, anime, cat ears and nurses.

   When is Halloween celebrated in Japan?

halloween illustration day

In Japan, Halloween events and related products will gradually increase from late September to October 31st. On October 24th, when this article is being posted, it is already Halloween in Japan, especially in Tokyo! How about looking for Halloween in the events, goods and confectioneries of this city?

   Five ways to enjoy Halloween in Japan!

If you will go to Japan during Halloween,make sure toenjoy such strange Japanese cultureas well!

   Look for Halloween costumes at a large variety store

halloween illustration store japan

There are so many costumes and cosmetics for Halloween provided in large stores such as Don Quijote and LOFT! You may find various Halloween costumes unique to Japan, such as ghosts, white costumes and ochimusha (a defeated warrior that fled the enemy), so it would be a good chance to create a wonderful memory of Japan to become a Japanese ghost or monster♪

   Classic element of Halloween! Join Halloween event in Shibuya

shibuya scramble tokyo

"On October 31st, young people from all over Japan appear as cosplayers at the scramble crossing in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Did you know that Shibuya Halloween is a spontaneous event without an organizer actually? It has become a hot topic in recent years and an increasing number of participants from overseas have also been attracted. When participating, following the rules below is also one of the ways to enjoy Halloween in Japan ♪

・Don't throw rubbish onto the road

・Please dress up at home or your accommodation beforehand;
don't use the toilet or fitting room of the store

・Please be moderate when participating

If you are tired of the crowd, seeing from above may be a good way, because the scene of the event at the scramble crossing will also be broadcasted on YouTube Live

   Enjoy Halloween-only menus

halloween convenience store sweets

Convenience stores, restaurants and cafes in Tokyo and all over Japan will be offering Halloween-only dishes until October 30st. Check the signs and goods when you pass by the stores and enjoy a delicious KAWAII Halloween!

   "GRO KAWAII", the petite cup cake set unique to Halloween, will be offered at Ginza Cozy Corner 

Ginza Cozy Corner halloween


South Exit ticket gate of JR Shinjuku Station, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours 9:00 - 23:00"

   Enjoy other events outside of Shibuya Halloween

There are many other Halloween events outside of Shibuya Halloween! It's a good chance to create a wonderful memory with your lover or friends!


   Enjoy Japanese style Halloween

What do you think? Are you shocked by the high stability of Halloween culture? How about taking this chance and experience unique Japanese style Halloween event! A lovely and dark world is waiting for your coming

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