As many of you know, gacha gacha (gachapon) is a type of small vending machine. If you put a coin into it and turn the crank, a capsule with a toy in it comes out. Many people are keen on the excitement that they don't know beforehand what will come out...

For those who want to know what gacha gacha is originally, please refer to this article.

But do you know that now there is a unique gacha gacha which is not just a toy?

So fun to turn the crank! Here I'd like to introduce you such a unique gacha gacha!

What kind of coffee do you expect you will get?


GACHA GACHA COFFEE in Roppongi, which is produced by the design office called "nendo", is Japan's first cafe where you can brew a cup coffee by yourself with the beans come out from a gacha gacha machine. There are 6 types of gacha gacha machines, and one turn of the crank costs 500 yen. The beans used are highly evaluated Maruyama Coffee beans that are processed with original roasting skill.

The origin and characteristics of each type of coffee bean are written on the gacha gacha machine number 1 to number 5. You can choose the beans according to your mood of that day!

Furthermore, the dispenser with a question mark means secret!!
Rare beans may come out!! ""Challenge"" or ""decided"", it all depends on your mood!


①Choose your favorite dispenser. Each capsule has a sealed pack of coffee beans within, the amount of which is just enough to make a cup of coffee.

②Put the beans that came out into the grinder on the next counter.

③You can choose from two types of drip: “EXPRESS” offers you quick enjoyment, whereas “RICH” option results in a deeper flavor.

④Enjoy your time in this café space where you have designed a cup of coffee for yourself. Add sugar and milk as you like!

Be sure to come to this fun filled café and try to brew your own special cup of coffee!

Period: October 4, 2019 ~ mid-November 2019
Location: Sky Gallery 3, Tokyo City View (Roppongi Hills Observation Deck)
Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00

* There is a limited amount of gacha gacha capsule
* Separate charge for admission to the Observation Deck is required (generally 1,800 yen)
* The event will be held for a limited time until mid-November, so please have a try if you are interested

Enjoy a super luxury meal depending on luck!? "Gacha Meshi"

In the spring of 2019, “Gacha Meshi” was started at Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway Nishiki Service Area Down Line in Hyogo Prefecture.

What is Gacha Meshi?
It's an event to help people decide what they eat. There are two gacha gacha machines, one is "First Gacha" that has 10 types of main dish tickets within it, like "Tajima Beef Sukiyaki" and "pork loin cutlet"; the other is "Second Gacha" which offers 10 types of rice/noodles tickets, like "Tajima Beef toro meal", "curry rice" and "ramen". Combine "First" with "Second", let your luck decide the menu of that day!!

Meal tickets ranging from 600 yen to 2,100 yen…!!
The set including "Tajima Beef Sukiyaki" and "Tajima Beef toro meal" is quite a luxury meal worth 5200 yen!

* Tajima Beef: Japanese Black cattle produced in Hyogo Prefecture

This event was held originally to solve the problem of long waiting time at restaurants. It seems that it was an event aimed at "mitigating traffic jams" by reducing the time people spent worrying about choosing menus.

Access: Enotanotsubo Nishikinobe, Tamba-Sasayama-shi, Hyogo
Kilometer post: 25.6kp

Make your favorite type of original gacha gacha!

1/2 gacha machine

In fact, BANDAI has released "BANDAI Official Gachapon Machine", a type of gacha gacha machine that can be used at home. It's the authentic gacha gacha that supports using real coins.

* There are 6 empty capsules.

It's absolutely a good way of deciding the combination of cocktail recipe and toppings at the party, as well as using it to create a good atmosphere!!

Having said that, it may be a bit too formal for some people and they want to enjoy it more easily! For those people, I recommend…

Handmade gacha gacha kit

This corrugated fiberboard handmade kit can be bought at "3 COINS", a grocery store which sells goods all for 300 yen. This even became a hot topic on Twitter.

It's very easy to make and to carry. You can make your own original gacha gacha now!

It seems that the people who make these things are also preparing gacha gacha machines for doujinshi Convention!!
As a souvenir of your visit to Japan is also ok!

What do you think? Gacha gacha, which brings you the excitement of unpredictable results, has evolved beyond being a toy and has become one of Japan's unique contents!

There are various gacha gacha besides the ones introduced above. Try to find them during your stay in Japan!