What's Your Preference? How to Categorize Japanese Guys with Condiments

A face featuring small eyes and a flat face and nose is what usually comes to mind when you think of the average Japanese person.

Using condiments as an analogy to differentiate faces has become a bit of a trend. What type of guy do you like?

A typical Japanese face with mild features. Cool, yet common place.

2. Sauce Look

A typical Japanese face with chiseled features that border on too much intensity.

3. Ketchup Look

A mix of sauce and soy sauce.

4. Salt Look

Eyes and contours are sharp, with features even softer than a soy sauce face. A typical Asian person's face.

5. Vinegar Look

A face with mild features with even softer features than a salt face.

6. Sugar Look

A cute face reminiscent of a boy that looks as sweet as sugar.

7. Mayonnaise Look

Not as sweet as a sugar look, with a lovable, soft-featured face.

What type does your preferred guy fall under?